Online Collaboration pt. 2

Inspired by my colleague Paul Maddocks’ latest blong post (Small World, Eh?) I’ve decided to write this blog as a follow-up to my short blog regarding Online Collaboration.

In my previous blog I noted that I wasn’t 100% sure what possibilities were for my project. Paul’s blog has enlightened me to some information sources. The first I will highlight is a 20 minute long film called “The Future of Learning”, which features several academics talking passionately about the subject of information sharing via the internet. Coursera was mentioned, which is an online platform for top universities to roll-out their biggest courses, free of charge, to anyone who wants to enroll. I’ve actually used Coursera myself for Berkeley University’s songwriting course.

The iCollab which I also mentioned previously, is a way to find others with the same interests in research. Using a google map you can create ad augmented reality via your smartphone. The application of this, of course, makes it easier to find others of similar interests and fields of research.

Other services, such as google hangouts, skype, dropbox and twitter make collaboration a less laborious process. Personally I used to collaborate with my band, No Coda, via gmail. It was, at the time, quite forward thinking to use email to write and arrange songs. Especially since we could only meet every couple of weeks to write. Email is a clunky medium for this kind of collaboration and in recent years has become a little outdated by the previously mentioned methods.

Nowadays, online communities such as Reddit are used to get musicians to collaborate. Craigslist and Gumtree can be used to find local musicians to collaborate. Join My BandBand Mix and Musicians In Your City are also good central hubs for musicians to build contacts.

To relate this back to my research project regarding the loudness wars, Gumtree, google maps, google hangouts, twitter et al can be used to find test subjects for listening tests. iCollab can be used to find other listening tests and researchers. All in all, there are a lot of options.



About iwebsteraudio

I am a bass player and an audio engineer. I play in a band called the Novasons. I also play covers with Undercover UK and Three's a Crowd. I produce, record and mix bands. I also remix. Music is my all-consuming passion and I try to be as professional as possible while doing what I love and enjoying every minute.
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